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  • 24 hour emergency helpline for expert support day and night
  • If there's a break-in, we'll send a locksmith to replace the locks
  • Up to £100,000 contents insurance
  • Unlimited buildings insurance with HomeSafe option


Compare home insurance quotes and get a great deal!

Compare2SaveMoney are here to provide you with an overview of the different types of home insurance available to you and the offers available.

Although you don’t take your home out and about like you would a car it is still open to a number of accidents, criminal events and risk which can damage the property itself or contents within it. For that reason there are a huge number of providers who can insure your property and things within it.

There are two types of home insurance, building and contents. Buildings insurance covers the physical build and structure of your property whereas contents insurance covers exactly what it says; the contents within the property. You can choose how much you want to insure your contents for depending on the products you own and can generally insure larger value items separately such as jewellery, cameras and other technology. A lot of places also offer combined insurance which will offer both buildings and contents insurance which can work out cheaper.

If you own your own property it is advisable to get both building and contents insurance as you are solely responsible for your home, but if you are renting or at university then the people who own the property will generally have buildings insurance but you will still need to insure your items and contents. Sometimes it is actually a condition of your mortgage agreement to get buildings cover so it’s important to find this out when you sign a mortgage.

There are many small things you can do which can affect the price of your home insurance including getting better locks on your doors. Tweaking the excess can also lower your premium which much like car insurance means how much your insurer will pay out should you make a claim. All insurance policies come with a compulsory excess which is an amount you would have to pay towards a claim, but you can add a voluntary excess on top of this if you want to lower the price you pay. But remember if you claim you’ll get less back.

When you are thinking about home insurance it’s important to differentiate between which type of insurance you need and the features within it such as the excess rate, keeping no claims bonuses and whether certain items can be insured if damaged or stolen outside of your home. All of these features can be important to different people so it’s important to know which are offered with each insurance package.

Compare2SaveMoney are here to help you find the right home insurance quote for you comparing some of the UK’s top providers to find the quote which is right for you and your property.  Sometimes we’re drawn to offers because they seem cheap and generally good value for money but on comparison they may not provide you with the cover you need. For example if you are an avid photographer in your spare time and have some expensive gear you will want to be able to insure your high value item separately, and if you have lots of beautiful jewellery you'd want to ensure them separately so in the event of an accident you can get the item repaired rather than having to pay it all out yourself.

These reasons show how it’s important to not just look at the cheapest quote but to delve a little deeper into your options and compare the features provided across a number of providers to choose what suits your needs best.

You can compare all of the leading home insurers side-by-side in our easy to use tables which show you what each company will provide you, with details about how much you’re paying and what services your insurance will provide you with.

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