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When we think about going on holiday we think of rest, relaxation and enjoying the finest things in life, we don’t think about hurting ourselves or getting ill which is why holiday insurance is so important. Ill health and accidents can happen to anyone, and if you don’t have the right travel insurance cover then you could be paying for your holiday far after returning home.

For only a few pounds travel insurance can give you the peace of mind and protection that you need for a worry free holiday because medical treatment abroad can be really expensive. Even just a trip to the doctors, an X-ray or a prescription can cost hundreds of pounds, and further treatment can go into thousands. are here to help you choose the cover that is right for you because going for the cheapest option isn’t always the best thing to do. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions then these need to be declared during the process otherwise you may find yourself not being covered. This can include whether you’ve had tests for particular things or are on any forms of medication.

There are two types of medical insurance you can choose, single or annual cover. Single cover is for one specific trip ranging from a few days to a longer spell abroad, generally you’ll be covered for one country or area and if you go outside of this area you may find yourself not covered. Annual cover can cover you for multiple trips within a year space, and while its more expensive to begin with it can work out cheaper in the long run if you’re planning on taking a few different holidays and trips.

It’s also worth looking at the features and benefits that your travel insurance policy may come with, for example some insurers include cover if your baggage or passport gets lost. We’re usually drawn to those special offers which are cheaper than the alternatives, but sometimes these aren’t always the best choices for us. For example if you’re going skiing you will want to pay more for special cover which will cover an accident or injury both in the country but also skiing, where as if you recently had an operation you will want specific insurance to cover any pre-existing conditions incase you become ill.

Comparing great value holiday insurance quotes doesn’t need to be difficult which is why Compare2SaveMoney’s easy to read comparison table will show you all of your options while comparing both the price and the additional benefits that they offer. We will help you find the holiday insurance which is right for you so that you can enjoy your holiday knowing you’ve got all the cover and protection that you need.

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