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Why choose RAC Van Insurance?

With over 119 years in motoring, you know you’re in safe hands when you buy RAC Van Insurance.

We know that most van users need their van to run their business and you need to get back on the road as soon as possible after an accident or theft.  So, in addition to being great value for money, RAC Van Insurance has these great features included, giving you peace of mind when on or off the road:

     Up to £100,000 worth of free legal cover

     24/7 motoring legal helpline

     Windscreen cover for comprehensive policies

     Cover when driving in the EU

If you’re an existing RAC Breakdown member, you will also get an extra discount, just for being an RAC member.


RAC van insurance - click here to get a quote

Compare van insurance quotes and get a great deal!

Compare2SaveMoney.com are here to provide you with an overview of the different types of van insurance available to you and the offers available.

Van insurance from Quotezone - click here to get your quotes All drivers regardless of mode of motor vehicle are required to have insurance and van drivers are just the same. For most people a van will be a vehicle used within their working day, transporting goods around and are especially common with builders, plumbers and other hands on workers. Van insurance is there to protect both you and your van in the event of an accident. In the event of an accident insurance can provide financial compensation to cover the damage to any vehicle involved and injury to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. Which insurance you choose to go with depends on the extent of cover you have on your vehicle.

When taking out van insurance it’s important to think about what type of cover you’re looking for and what exactly it covers. If you choose to go for third party fire and theft cover, your insurance will only pay out for any damage caused to another vehicle and will not cover damage to your van. So if your van is damaged or written off because of an accident that you caused you could be left without a vehicle. For those who use their vehicle for work, being without a van isn’t an option.

In comparison fully comprehensive cover means that your insurance will pay out for both the other vehicle and your own van in the event of an accident which provides a much higher level of cover. Whilst third party insurance is cheaper you need to ask yourself whether you could afford to pay out for any repairs or a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident. And you have to consider whether you could afford to be without a van should you not be able to afford a repair or replacement.

Van insurance is worked out by insurance companies comparing data and figures which calculate the risk of the driver, and the more unsafe someone is considered to be, the higher the premium will be. The premium can be based on your age, any previous accidents and any previous driving experience. Compare2SaveMoney.com are here to provide you with an overview of the different types of van insurance available to you, and compares the features and offers available. The features of different van insurance offers will be important to other people, others may want to think about multiple cover where they can add car insurance alongside van insurance if they have more than one vehicle, an experienced driver who has not been in an accident may want to be able to provide their no claim bonus whereas if you couldn’t be without your van in any situation then a courtesy car might be important to you. Sometimes the cheapest offers seem the most desirable, but on comparison they might not provide you with the cover or benefits that you need. This is why it is so important to not just look for the cheapest quote available but if you delve a little deeper into your options and compare the features available across of providers to choose what suits your needs best. You can compare car insurers side-by-side by using our easy to use tables which show you exactly what each company are offering and how much you will pay for these services.

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